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A school in which the transients caused the measurement meters to go off scale had a cancer incidence in teachers nearly 3 times higher than expected. A single year of working in the building raised the risk of developing cancer by 21%. Pupils were not spared either, and some of them also had contracted cancer, even fatally.

Milham & Morgan, 2008



Too Little, Too Weak, Too Late

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Read EMR Stop's position on the 2011 WHO IARC announcement that mobile phone radiation is a "2B potential Carcinogen".

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Magda Havas on WiFi Dangers
EMR Issues - Wireless LAN & DECT Dangers

A 1984 study entitled "Long-term, low level microwave irradiation of rats" found that pulsed 2.4 GHz radiation (exactly that found in wi-fi) caused, to rats exposed, a

16% increase benign tumours

100% metastatic tumours

260% increase in primary tumours

This is what we are exposing our children to whenever we implement wi-fi in schools.

Of course, this is completely insane, unless you are actually wanting to make children sick...