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The precautionary principle applies where scientific evidence is insufficient, inconclusive or uncertain--where preliminary scientific evaluations indicate that there are reasonable grounds for concern over the potentially dangerous effects on the environment, human, animal or plant health by the specific element of exposure in question. Such concern over the potential danger(s) may warrant a high (precautionary) level of protection to be chosen.

See the European Commission Communication on the Precautionary Principle, 2nd February 2000


Too Little, Too Weak, Too Late

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Read EMR Stop's position on the 2011 WHO IARC announcement that mobile phone radiation is a "2B potential Carcinogen".

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Magda Havas on WiFi Dangers
EMR Issues - Wireless LAN & DECT Dangers

A 1984 study entitled "Long-term, low level microwave irradiation of rats" found that pulsed 2.4 GHz radiation (exactly that found in wi-fi) caused, to rats exposed, a

16% increase benign tumours

100% metastatic tumours

260% increase in primary tumours

This is what we are exposing our children to whenever we implement wi-fi in schools.

Of course, this is completely insane, unless you are actually wanting to make children sick...